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Proven Home Security Tips For Colorado Springs

May 31, 2021
Vivint home security in Colorado Springs

Despite the fact you believe your residential area to be safe, there are various steps you can take to improve the security of your home. After all, theft and other crimes may occur in all areas. Lucky for you, it requires just a little effort to elevate your home’s safety.

Here are a few home security tips in Colorado Springs for your family’s benefit.

Colorado Springs home security tip #1 maintain your property

Thieves like to lurk in the shadows where a curious onlooker is unable to spot them. Keep your exterior well-lit and don’t give them a place to hide. Maintain the bushes and hedges by your windows so that you can easily see into the yard. It’s much easier to spot possible burglars in Colorado Springs when neighbors can see your entryways from the street.

Take a walk around your home to identify areas that might not get enough light. Deck and garage areas are sensible spots to utilize a motion floodlight. Wired or solar lighting options will brighten a path to your door. You can even use integrated smart lighting in your porch lights, so they will activate if your security system detects an issue.

Colorado Springs home security tip #2 lock your doors

Following a long day in your busy life, do you have difficulty remembering to make sure doors are locked? Have there been times when you arose from your sleep and discovered the front door wasn’t locked? Or came home from running errands with the overhead door to your garage open to the world?

You can make things easier on yourself with automated door locks. You can enable your doors to engage at your prescheduled hour every day or to automatically lock in a matter of moments after they're unlocked. With your smartphone app, you are able to determine if your doors are secure. Don’t leave the key under your welcome mat. Rather, program custom entry codes and receive instant notifications when they are unlocked. For added security, install a sensor that alerts you when you forget to shut the garage door.

Colorado Springs home security tip #3 look for any disaster

A burglary is only one type of threat you need to consider. Defend against fire, flood, or a carbon monoxide leak with smart alarms. Chances are you have a detector installed already, but monitored fire alarms can help expedite emergency services when a disaster occurs. To illustrate, your monitoring agents and will contact emergency services while you concentrate on getting your pets and family out of danger and to a safer location.

Senior woman setting Vivint alarm

Colorado Springs home security tip #4 get an home security system

Getting a security system works in conjunction with other home security tips for Colorado Springs. You are able to conveniently control your integrated alarms, lights, and locking systems through a single easy to use app. You can then pair all your components together and have them work in unison.

When an alarm triggers, your monitoring team will be ready. Your 24/7 response experts will reach out to you to ensure your family is safe, then notify police or fire. They'll also be able to protect your house even when you’re not there. That's because they are on alert 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long.

Colorado Springs home security tip #5 look out for one another

Remember to tell a neighbor when you leave for vacation and make sure they check your home every few days. In the event something occurs, they can act as point person until you can get back. Exchange house keys or customize a door code if you have a smart lock. Just be prepared to watch their house as well.

Make your home more secure with a Vivint home security system

Your smart home defense devices will work in unison as part of a Vivint home security system. Take the first step by calling today, and a Vivint security specialist will help customize the right home protection plan for your property. Just call (719) 666-9853 or send in the form below today.